Here’s Why BBW Dating Is Better

Here’s Why BBW Dating Is Better

Dating, in general, is considered to be a necessary evil. If you want to hook-up, or progress to the next level of intimacy with someone, dating is the way to do it.

So dating is already a pain in the ass, but what about if we add the fact that you’re a bigger lady or a bigger guy? Or maybe you’re ‘normal’-sized, but you’re attracted to bigger people? Surely that would make dating even harder, right?

Surprisingly, no. Quite the opposite. BBW dating can be a million times better than vanilla dating for a great number of reasons. Here are a few:

There’s less pressure to look perfect

One of the biggest pressures when dating is the constant pressures to look and act your best. However, in the BBW world, it’s a given that no one is perfect. BBWs understand that we sometimes indulge a little too much. We eat more than we should, we drink more than we should, and it’s okay to feel a little bad about it once in a while. Our bodies might be showing signs of getting older. We might be a little more overweight t0han we used to be and there might be a few grey hairs popping up.

When it comes to BBW dating, things like this are greeted with a passive: so what? 

Your dates will be more interesting

It might be a cliché, but a lot of guys will tell you it’s true: skinny, image-obsessed girls can be a bit dull. I don’t just mean looks wise either; they can definitely be more on the boring side personality-wise.

Girls like this have usually been raised to believe that their looks are the most important thing in the world, meaning they’ve neglected other sides of their character. It’s a stereotype which dates back decades, but it seems to be more relevant than ever.

On the other side of the coin are the curvy girls who are too busy experiencing life to the fullest to worry about physical perfection. This means that dating a BBW will mean stimulating conversation or interesting activities – not just boring talk about the gym, calories and reality TV.

You will see past their looks to who they really are

One of the biggest mistakes people can make while BBW dating is sticking with a person simply because they find them attractive. In the vanilla world, we see this a hell of a lot. How many guys do you know who’ve put up with a hysterical girlfriend just because she’s good looking?

While some guys do have a penchant for the bigger ladies, it’s not usually the driving force to enter a relationship with them. BBW fetishists are initially drawn in by a curvy girl’s attributes, but they end up falling in love with their bubbly personality during their time together.

Even if you’re not primarily attracted to big beautiful women, dating one allows you to see their personality before their looks – something which is very important for healthy relationships.