3 Unexpected Solutions to Overpopulation

3 Unexpected Solutions to Overpopulation

3.) Education and Laws

There are many nations that are known to often offer rewards, whether in the form of financial inducements or increased benefits, to those who have more kids than others. This one routine may be the leading cause of some couples eventually having more children than they normally would if they had to worry about the financial consequences. This is a tough issue to face. China’s “One-Child’ policy was recently shut down, partially due to the fact that the law’s restraints it put on liberty, it is not surprising to think that other similar laws would be seen as equally restraining. Now dealing with education, while a bunch of organizations are available out there to fill schools up with curricula and teaching materials to get the topic of overpopulation across, it is still a topic that is not gone over in schools as much as it should be. This lesson should advance beyond just talking about sex and should go more into the global consequences of overpopulation. Talking about the topic needs to be more often, with sites like debate.org which offer feasible resources that let tissue be confronted rationally. Getting the word out there about this topic is severely important.

2.) Contraceptives

Giving permission to find and attain birth control has to go hand-in-hand with the bettering of sex education. Because, after all, without sex ed., people simply cannot put what they have learned into real life practice. The World Health Organization claims that nearly 225 million women who are currently living in the developing countries would prefer to rather wait to give birth but at the same time, they are not using any form of contraception whatsoever. There are many foundations, just like as the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists who also support improving access to contraceptives. Using condoms or any other form of contraceptives is highly enforced in the current way of living. Without protection, the growth of the population has the chance to double in a matter of two days, according to scientists’ past studies. It crucial that if we want to prevent over population from occurring, we wear protection to avoid the risk of any unwanted pregnancies.

1.) Having Better Sex Education

There is a huge lack of sex education, or rather a poorly setup education. This has had consequences of issues regarding overpopulation in so many different countries. The problem is so evident that the United Nations Population Fund is desperately calling for renovations to be made, most specifically in the poorer areas of the world. Better executed sex education will aid in people understanding more about the several consequences of having sex as they relate to child birth. It will also do make people forget about some of the many myths that surround the sexual act and introduce scientifically-proven methods of birth control. The crisis is so big in a lot of countries that certain risks have been taken in order to maintain a sustainable status quo of population capacities in differing nations, worldwide.

Discussed in the vide below is one solution to overpopulation!